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Written and Devised by: Francesca Mari

Performed by: Francesca Mari

Length: 40 minutes

Cultural Advisor: Losalio Milika Pusiaki

Outside eye: Piergiorgio Milano, Katy Yla-Hokkala

Consultant: Christopher Patfield, Giuseppe Vetti, Marco Luciano

Collaborator, advisor: Connie “Paprika Leaverton

Lighting Designer: Franco Campioni


RSDG Flic Circus School of Turin with Call SURREALE, “Maeson de Jonglage” Paris, residency program, Centre de Création “Les Jonc’ Alles’ , Jackson Lane Theatre London, Murialdo Theater of Turin, Corte Ospitale of Reggio Emilia, Dinamico festival, Fish Island Circus London.

Premiere at Dinamico Festival 9 e 10 Settembre 2021. Part of “Solo but not Alone” project 2021


“Beautiful, interesting and engaging to get to know a trait of a distant culture through a simple and ancient juggling pattern. The shower. Francesca surprised me. She has a very clear and direct presence and .. she makes no mistakes! Great!”

-Fabrizio Rosselli- Artist, clown

“The work of Francesca Mari between jester and actress is of great inspiration, in the effort – relaxed and fun – to explore the roots of an ancient art typical of our species wherever it is”

– Horacio Oscar Czertok- Actor Teatro Nucleo